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Cosme Castanieto
17490 Lazy Dog Road
Nevada City, CA 95959

(530) 265-5486

"Thank you. I feel better than I have for years physically, and I am filled with resolution, confidence and I am so close to my spiritual self again at last, that I know I am the person I am supposed to be."

I had never been to a healer, in fact it sort of scared me. I did not know if it would be some voodoo thing or what. Some of my fears were gone though when I saw your picture on the rainbow flyer. Since both my husband and I were in pain I decided to send him first...if you helped John then I too would go. I did not tell John anything other than I really thought it would help him. When he came home he looked wonderful, there was a bounce to his step, a smile on his face, and he really felt so much better that he claimed he was 10 years younger.

- Toni Lynd

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"I find Cosme to be an endearing and wonderfully spiritual man who I felt instant respect, love and rapport with."

I first learned of Cosme through a friend, who recommended him to me for my younger daughter who has suffered from acute asthma since birth. Nicole's first healing thirty days later cured her completely. As of this date, approximately one year later, Nicole has had freedom from asthma for the first time in her life.

I have brought my seventy-six year old mother-in-law to him for healing, my own mother who was suffering from hip pain which was virtually taken away, and of course, I myself have come to enjoy and reap the benefits of his wonderful touch and uplifting words and humor.

Cosme is a wonderful man and I feel honored to know him and share his time and knowledge whenever I can.

- Jane Steinberg

"I don't know exactly how Cosme does what he does. I do know that he has a special gift and I am grateful that he shared it with me and my family!"

I really can't remember how I first heard of Cosme. Somehow I heard there was a man in Nevada City who did a special kind of healing and holistic health work. He worked out of a small house in downtown Nevada City. I was interested in seeing him because I wanted to have a baby and I was having difficulty getting pregnant. I had already seen a few traditional doctors of obstetrics. Each of them had advised me that my chances of conceiving a child were very minimal because as a teenager I had a serious pelvic infection, and I also had a tipped uterus. It had been recommended to me that I have my left fallopian tube surgically removed. This tube was scarred and blocked, and my current doctor was concerned that I had a significant chance of tubule pregnancy. I did not want to have surgery. I also did not want to have a tubule pregnancy. So, I began looking for an alternative answer to my dilemma.

I was twenty years old when I came to see Cosme. My general health condition was fairly positive. I was young. I took good care of myself. I felt responsible for my own health. I definitely had a serious health issue to overcome. Still I think my belief that I am responsible for my body was very helpful.

When I met Cosme the first thing I noticed was his incredibly joyful nature. He is a man able to deal with the most serious issues and problems we face in life, and still maintain a sense of playfulness. This is not to say that he doesn't take his work seriously, around him. He has a deep seated belief of God and is assured by the fact that God's will is done. He rejoices in each moment, living life to its fullest. The sense of happiness that he exudes quickly overflows from his being to those around him. His presence is enlivening. My first response to his healing came in the form of hope and possibility.

After Cosme finished working on me, he said, "Okay, now you will be able to get pregnant. Everything will work out fine." I left there feeling calm and sure. My body felt a sense of total and complete balance. The world around me had not changed. My perception of it had. Three months later I was pregnant with my first son. He is now eighteen years old. I also have a beautiful daughter who is fifteen years old. I don't know exactly how Cosme does what he does. I do know that he has a special gift and I am grateful that he shared it with me and my family!

- Theresa Ciafardoni

"I now feel much more focused and encouraged to achieve the goals which I have set for myself in many areas."

When I first saw the rainbow-colored flier announcing and introducing Cosme Castanieto's healing work, I was skeptical. What exactly could this cherubic-looking man do for me? I knew Filipino healers were world-renowned, but how was this "spiritual tune-up" accomplished, and what could Cosme offer that I hadn't already experienced at the hands of other counselors and healers?

From the first moment I saw Cosme, my doubts were relieved. Here was a little "teddy bear" whose presence was gentle and calming, whose wisdom was both frank and disarming as it resonated with my own intuitive self-awareness, and whose willingness to serve others and joyful sense of humor were a delight to behold. His healing work empowered him physically and spiritually, as opposed to draining him.

He talked to me and got to know me, before proceeding to the actual healing. On the massage table, he was able to "see" and report energy imbalances, to analyze specific health problems, and to give me specific remedies to correct everything that was "out of alignment", in all realms. He "read" my hands, my feet, and my body, with prophetic insight and accuracy.

THEN, and only then, did we proceed to removing the physical and mental blocks to healing. Cosme performed a unique massage, done so that my body actually was "dancing" to the music played as he worked on me. I felt energized, relaxed, and invigorated at the end of this experience, which I estimate lasted at least an hour and a half.

I know feel much more focused and encouraged to achieve the goals which I have set for myself, in many areas. I feel confident I have the keys to pursuing and maintaining glowing, radiant health, and to resolving the conflicts which have plagued me in the past. I believe an encounter with Cosme will truly be profound and life-changing, where you will feel the truth of God's love for us human beings.

My experience has been echoed by others following me, who include a clairvoyant, a teacher of Tai Chi, and a rancher. Cosme was able to explain to the "medium" a block she had had since 1978! The rancher said it was the first time he had experienced God's love in many years and that his seriously ill wife was much improved after Cosme worked on her. He said he would pay Cosme every week if he would continue working on her! Such accolades are typical for this unique and unconventional healer.

I am immensely grateful for the awareness Cosme has brought to me and into my life. I would urge anyone to raise their joy, their health, and their Being a quantum leap forward, by bringing Cosme's healing into their lives. If you are so inclined, I believe the basic healing class would attune one to a high mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Words can never do justice to an indescribably powerful experience. I can promise that your life will be deeply and positively charged and changed by even one session with Cosme. I saw into my past, present, and future with clarity. Cosme gave me the tools to direct my life with less pain, more bliss, and increased awareness of my potential and purposes in life. I believe continued time with Cosme will radically increase healing and joy in your life, as it has mine.

At one point, I could sense energy flowing from his hand to mine as a strong, continual golden light spreading its essence up my arm and into my head and upper torso. All the twisted and torqued areas in my body and soul began to be straightened and cleared, through Cosme's presence. Thank you so much, Cosme! I am so thrilled to have brought you into my life. We are blessed to have you with us. You encourage and strengthen those of us fortunate enough to know you, even a little.

- Ava Goldman

Michelle's Story...

In June of 2004, my friend and therapist, Mandy, recommended that I seek the counsel of a "healer" named Cosme who was from Hawaii and worked in marvelous and gifted ways to bring about strong healings in the body, mind, and soul. I was instantly attracted to this idea of meeting this person named Cosme but I also felt some concern especially about my husband, Shane, who is the ultimate skeptic and tends to harshly criticize people who claim to have super natural gifts. So, I decided to make the appointment confidentially and go from there.

About a month later, I received a call from Mandy that Cosme would be in the area and I could have a session with him. I was elated and nervous simultaneously but I thought that I would just allow divine providence to manage my decision and go for it. I was hoping for some direction in my life, in caring for myself and getting an evaluation on my body and how to better care and prepare for the next few decades...

When I first met Cosme, I was instantly drawn to his gentle and open demeanor. He is a very compact individual, well built, strong, very happy, calm and deeply spiritual. I was immediately in tune with this amazing person and much to my delight! It was as if we had been friends for many years and suddenly came upon one another again for a visit. I felt very energized in his presence and just wanted to ask a thousand questions all at once! Anyway, he told me a little about himself and he then proceeded to do a full body "scan" which gave him the insight to my physical, mental and spiritual needs, which he sees clearly and works on balancing. During the evaluation he spoke to me about what he was seeing and how he could correct the problem. I felt relieved and totally at peace at all times. There's a sweet essence when Cosme is taking care of you, it's like being totally in the moment and anticipation of something wonderful happening. Which it was. I was getting healed. (This experience has launched me on a journey that I am still taking with Cosme to this day. Cosme is like master gardener and you are the garden. He evaluates you, and then cultivates, and plants special items in your life for you to harvest. Essentially, he helps you garden your life.)

After our session, I was totally convinced that this person was the real McCoy and I wanted to have my husband see him. He has been suffering for years with a bad back and his disposition was being effected by the constant pain. I was hoping that Cosme could correct this problem which consequently would relieve me of his harsh attitude.

When I walked out to my car with Cosme, I asked him about how I could see him again that I greatly benefited from my session and I wanted more time, more knowledge, and more help. He said that he was offering a workshop at his Sanctuary and that I could come for the weekend course. I asked him if he could do a session with Shane that I felt it would be critical before the workshop because I thought that Shane would be totally negative unless he was able to experience what I had. Cosme agreed to see him and I headed home to negotiate this idea with my husband. Now keep in mind that Shane is a farmer from Cody, Wyoming. These people are hardworking, salt of the earth types, usually standoffish until you prove yourself, and he particularly does not care to associate with liberals, tree huggers and hippies. Let alone someone that is a "healer." So, what I was facing was hugely difficult and not at all a pleasant task.

I said a huge prayer and asked for guidance and jumped into the idea of a weekend in Grass Valley at this place with a bunch of people who came together to learn about healing arts, etc. Shane was absolutely shocked! To think that we would spend our time together doing something so outlandish, especially with a bunch of strangers who didn't even fish. I was on pins during this triad and suddenly he shifted his thoughts and said, OK. I'll do this for you but I'm not going to like it. Oh my gosh, I was stunned and immediately booked our workshop.

We went early down to see Cosme because of his promise that he would work on Shane before the workshop. When Shane met Cosme, I could tell that he was not impressed. My husband is 6'4" and weighs in the range of 280-300 lbs. Cosme is the opposite and Shane was shaking his head wondering what this half sized man could for for him. I told Shane not to assume anything because Cosme has great strength and powers. Just let him proceed and if he didn't like what Cosme was doing, we would immediately leave. Well, needless to say, Shane was mush in Cosme's hands. He did a very informative evaluation which Shane agreed was completely accurate and established a sense of respect and confidence for the rest of the session. After a couple of hours, Shane was in such a state of comfort and his pain was so relieved that he was like a little puppy with Cosme. He couldn't believe that he felt so good and he agreed the the trip was well worth our time. It was wonderful to see this transformation, especially with a man that is such a guy's guy and didn't want nay "other man" touching him. What a riot!

Anyway, Shane spent the next two days completely in a state of sleep. He would wake up periodically and then slip immediately into a deeper sleep. At first I was very disturbed and thought that something terrible was happening to Shane, and when I went back to Cosme at the workshop he just nodded his head very calmly and said that he needed the sleep and that he was going through a deep purification. Everything would be all right and just be happy. Stay at the workshop and learn for both of us. That is exactly what I did. On the last day of the workshop, Shane was able to join us for the afternoon session and he was elated as to his experience. We see Cosme often for "tune-ups" and my husband is a staunch advocate of his work and ability. We welcome anyone who would like to email us for information on our experiences with Cosme and his beautiful wife Cheryl Ann who is also a gifted scientist.

I need to close this little story with thanks to Cosme for his kindness, generosity, friendship, healing, wisdom, and peace that he has bestowed upon us.

We thank you, a thousand lifetimes...

Michelle and Shane Shafer


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