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The Mystical Kiss of God
by Cosme Castanieto

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Cosme Castanieto
17490 Lazy Dog Road
Nevada City, CA 95959

(530) 265-5486

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"I know that Cosme's healing work was instrumental in accelerating the healing of my ankle, the post-traumatic stress disorder and the myriad of post-transplant symptoms..."

In the year that has passed since this experience, I realize that is has sustained me, healed me, brought peace into my soul, and restored what I thought was an absolute loss of hope. I am so grateful to Cosme for sharing the gift of his healing
hands and his love with me

Cosme is a wonderful man and I feel honored to know him and share his time and knowledge whenever I can.

- Christine Fischer

"When Cosme massaged me, ...he saw the six-inch scar on my belly, and I told him that I had my gallbladder removed when I was only

Cosme spent the next thirty minutes pushing and prodding at my stomach. He let me know that there was still a hole where the gallbladder once was and that he needed to move things around, that were frozen in place from the shock of the surgery... When he was finished, I stood up, looked at my stomach and saw that it had changed. My belly had shrunk by at least one inch. I had my gallbladder out some fifteen years earlier, suffered IBS, and after this massage it was gone. Two years later there is still no sign of discomfort or pain in my belly. I've never felt better!

Cosme did not "save" anyone, but he did help John to save himself.Cosme helped John to get over a twenty-year addiction to a very powerful and readily available drug. John and I work in Hollywood and "anything goes" in Hollywood! Now we have the energy, self-awareness and power to realize that even in Hollywood, with all its party atmosphere, and "go, go, go at any cost," we have the ability to live our own lives in our own way!

- Mary (anon)

"Throughout history and in every culture on earth, there have been individuals endowed with the special gift of healing and spiritual insights."

This is always the hero's journey of great challenges and even greater accomplishments illustrated in this recounting of Reverend Cosme's teachings and compassionate healing practices to which he has dedicated himself for over forty years. His still unfolding odyssey is abundant with insights and inspiration to all who
will be touched by this book

- Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Author,
The Best Alternative Medicine: What Works? What Does Not?

"Cosme brings to us a practical mysticism for today."

He has entered the ancient wisdom, through direct experience, to retrieve the essence which he offers to us simply, openly, and freely. Anyone on a spiritual path might well pay close attention to the information in this leads to wisdom!

- Stan Padilla, Native American Artist, Educator and Cultural Activist

"Cosme is like a master gardener and you are the garden."

He evaluates you and then cultivates and plants special items in your life for you to harvest. Essentially, he helps you garden your life.

- Michelle Shafer

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